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Great Book Of Dragons

Minoa Great Book Of Dragons


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What would you do if you found a dragon's egg? First of all, an apprentice dragonologist should study all of the characteristics of these unpredictable creatures beginning with the Western ones and working toward the Eastern ones without forgetting the odd-shaped ones or the ones who behave a bit strangely. Having read all about the origins of dragons and learned everything there is to know about their anatomy and character, the young dragon trainer will find the information necessary to train a young dragon in this book.

Instructions include how to prepare its meals, how to make it obey, how to ride it, how to keep it healthy and how to manage its mood swings. This book is the ideal guide for anyone who wishes to adopt a dragon or who simply wants to get a closer look at the world of these fantastic creatures that are not always the terrible monsters they are often made out to be; they are also strong and intelligent beings and are sometimes valuable good luck charms.
270 x 300 x 15 mm