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Neco Plush Penguin Plush Toy 40 cm

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Do you want to have fun and playful times with plush toys?

� Then this soft playmate Penguin Plush is just for you!

� How about learning a little about Penguins first?

� Penguins are flightless, upright seabirds with webbed feet. Since penguins' feet are further back than other birds, they cannot walk fast on land. That's why they love to slide because it allows them to move faster. When they slide, their bodies take the shape of a sled. Penguins live in the Southern Hemisphere. There are no penguins in the Northern Hemisphere, including the North Pole.

� You will also love the toy version of the penguins!

� There's nothing like hugging plush toys! Plush toys with soft feathers and sweet faces are indispensable for all age groups!

� Penguin Plush is produced for you by necotoys from the highest quality materials. Necoplush products, which have the CE certificate indicating their compliance with European norms and standards, also have EN71- Part 1, 2, 3 - Phtlahate - Azo - Pah test reports.

� Special fiber fabric and plush fabric were used in the production of the 40 cm Penguin.

� Thanks to its specially produced health-friendly feathers, it is suitable for use by all children from the age of 0.

� In order for plush toys to maintain their form for many years, it is recommended to hand wash them with white soap or wipe them from the surface.

�Made in Turkey.