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Miele WSD123 WCS 1400 RPM 8 kg White Washing Machine - 1 Miele WSD123 WCS 1400 RPM 8 kg White Washing Machine - 2

Miele WSD123 WCS 1400 RPM 8 kg White Washing Machine

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    You can reach detailed product specifications by scrolling down the page Product Code: 64495143022576908033501053189_005

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Product Details
You can reach detailed product specifications by scrolling down the page

Product Code
  • Capacity
    8 – 10 kg
Front-loading W1 washing machine
1-8 kg honeycomb textured boiler and iron preparation program for preventive maintenance
Gentle laundry care thanks to the Miele honeycomb drum
Ironing made easier thanks to the pre-iron
Perfect completion for special uses - CapDosing
Easy operation with the touch of a finger: DirectSensor
Economical, powerful, wear-free - ProfiEco engine

The perfect complement for special applications
You can easily use Miele portion capsules in special applications. Capsules are placed directly into the softener compartment. Capsules available for your use: 6 special laundry detergents (Sport, Outdoor, WoolCare, SilkCare, DownCare and UltraDark), 3 softeners (Aqua, Cocoon, Nature), impregnation agent ImpraProtect, Booster for stubborn dirt and a visible renewal of your textile products. CottonRepair. AddLoad

Adding large and small laundry flexibly
Regardless of jeans, blouses or socks, thanks to AddLoad, you can throw the laundry you forgot until just before the end of the program into the machine after starting the program. This way you can put the laundry in or out of the machine just to rinse or spin. What you need to do is very simple: When you press the "Start/Add laundry" button, the door opens with a single button. If the machine is connected to the network, the AddLoad feature is also shown in the app or via Alexa. Delayed start and remaining time display

Laundry care according to the chart
Thanks to the delayed start feature, you can freely determine the washing program you want to start. This is especially important when you want to benefit from the night electricity price tariff or when you want to use the program e.g. It is advantageous when you want it to be freshly finished when you come home from work. Program starts can be scheduled up to 24 hours in advance. On the screen you can see when the current program will end. Energy efficiency

Miele washing machines are environmentally friendly and consume only as much water and electricity as necessary. quantity vending machine

Smart washing
All Miele washing machines have an intelligent volume control. This feature determines the current amount of laundry and uses the water and energy required for a perfect wash and rinse. Honeycomb textured cauldron

Perfect laundry protection
Thanks to the honeycomb surface of the Miele honeycomb drum, a thin water film forms between the fabrics and the drum surface. Laundry glides gently on this surface, offering optimum protection. Thanks to the reduced openings with rounded edges, your laundry is protected against shrinkage and peeling. Foreign objects such as paper clips or bra straps can no longer enter the drain pump. Pre-ironing

Up to 50% less ironing
With the pre-iron option, you can reduce your ironing workload by up to 50%. In this application, a straightening process is added to the end of the washing program. Here the laundry is moved and straightened in the hot and humid drum. Water control system (WCS)

Security with additional sensor
The Watercontrol system (WCS) controls the water inlet with the help of the water level sensor. If the normal water level is not reached, the inlet is stopped. If water accumulates inside the device, the inlet valve is closed and the water in the alkalis container is pumped out. Water flows are also detected via a surface switch located in the base tub. Water protection guarantee

Guaranteed water protection!
For the entire water protection system, Miele ensures the protection of your home - 20 years. You are covered by a guarantee in case you experience any material damage as a result of the failure of the water protection system. Miele covers financial losses under the terms of the water protection guarantee. The prerequisite is professional installation. High Miele quality for a long service life

Excellent quality and product life
To meet the highest quality requirements, Miele tests all its devices under harsh conditions during development.
Warranty Type: Miele T�rkiye Guaranteed
Warranty Period: 2 Years