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Miele TWC220 WP A++ 8 kg Dryer

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Product Details
You can find detailed product features by scrolling down the page

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Installation and activation of the devices is done by Miele authorized technical services. Delivery and installation are free.

A++ Energy Class

T1 heat pump dryer smart laundry care
Save money over the life of a dryer - EcoDry technology
Fragrant laundry the way you like it - FragranceDos
Complete drying for all textiles � PerfectDry
Easy operation with the touch of a finger: DirectSensor
Best protection for rooms and furniture - Best condensation effect
Only from Miele

EcoDry technology

Short program times, low consumption
More time and budget for the more important things in your life with short program times and low energy consumption
With Miele EcoDry technology, low energy consumption and short drying times are always guaranteed. Thanks to the efficient operation of the patented Miele filter system with the maintenance-free heat exchanger, there is no chance of lint filling the heat exchanger and thus reducing performance over time. Miele heat pump dryers will be much more economical thanks to the EcoDry feature and will be with you for many years with the performance of the first day.

20-year lifespan test has been carried out

Only from Miele
High Miele quality for a long service life
While some car engines require 3,000 hours of testing, we test for up to 10,000 hours to prove our performance.1 Night and day.. Thoroughly and completely. To provide you with excellent results for years.

(1 During the development of the T1 series dryer, Miele tested the models and main components with 5,000 drying cycles on different programs (= 5 drying cycles per week for 50 weeks per year).


Fresh scent after drying
Thanks to Miele fragrance vials, your clothes will have your favorite scent during the drying process. These fragrances are produced by a family company in southern France that has been designing fragrances since 1871. Thanks to a patented process, these scents are ensured to remain permanent. The result: fresh-smelling laundry for up to 4 weeks. Depending on the machine model, you can use one or two fragrance vials.

Best condensation effect
The most effective protection for your home
The most important quality criterion of drying machines is; sealing. The less humid-hot drying air leaks from the device, the higher the condensation effect. In addition, high humidity loss in closed spaces is bad: Condensation on the walls may cause mold and damage to the walls. Miele dryers offer very high sealing values ??and fall into the maximum condensation efficiency class.

Integrated condensate drain line

Easy water drainage
All Miele heat pump dryers have an integrated hose-coiled condensate drain. This way you can drain the condensate directly into the sink or siphon, saving you the trouble of emptying the condensation tank.

Convenient air filter

Efficient and easy cleaning
Thanks to the smart Miele fluff filters, you can finally get rid of annoying fluff. Moreover, the air filter is very convenient: When the clear text indicator �Clear airways� appears, the Miele fluff filter is easily removed by pulling up. The very flat filter surface makes cleaning very easy. For lint-free laundry, lint filters and laundry are always kept separate from each other.


Adding large and small laundry flexibly
Regardless of jeans, blouses or socks, thanks to AddLoad, you can throw the laundry you forgot until just before the end of the program into the machine after starting the program. What you need to do is very simple: When you press the "Start/Add laundry" button, the program stops.


Complete laundry protection
With this system, your laundry is dried perfectly even in highly calcareous water. In machines that do not have the PerfectDry feature, it is not possible to achieve such a performance because the lime content of the water affects the residual moisture measurement and thus the drying result. PerfectDry adjusts the drying process exactly to the current level of lime in the water. The desired drying level is always achieved perfectly.

ProfiEco Engine

Economical, strong and wear-free
Miele ProfiEco Motor is a high-performance inverter-driven motor and is also very economical and quiet. Since the engine is electronically controlled, it is brushless and therefore wear-free. It provides efficient and comfortable laundry care for many years.

Maintenance-free heat exchanger

Consistently low energy consumption
The heat exchangers of Miele heat pump dryers are protected by a very effective filter system and do not need cleaning. In this way, energy consumption is kept permanently low and remains so throughout its entire lifetime.