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Meade LX200 8" ACF Telescope Set

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Product Details
You can access detailed product features by scrolling down the page

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MEADE, LX200-ACF 8" (20cm) Telescope

Meet the Quality of Meade Optics

The LX200 Series 8" ACF� Telescope features an 8"=20cm aperture, 2000mm focal length, and f/10 focal ratio with Dual Prong Mount.

Equipped with Ultra-High Transmission Coatings (UHTC�: Ultra-High Transmission Coatings).

In the observation of faint star clusters, a 0.456 arc-second zoom is used to view finer details in nebulae and to highlight surface features on planets. It has the reputation.

Meade 4000 series 26mm Super Plössl eyepiece (77x), 8x50 optical target scope, 1.25” Includes diagonal mirror and standard field tripod.

LX200 includes AutoStar® with 145K sky object library. II features hand control, multi-guided tours, high-precision heading with sub-arc-minute pointing accuracy, and Meade SmartDrive with permanent periodic error correction.

Almost no movement thanks to Meade's alignment system, which includes a 16-channel GPS receiver. Precise and fast star alignment is achieved without effort.

Highlight Features

All LX200 models feature a mirror locking mechanism that effectively prevents movement of the primary mirror during long-exposure astrophotography or observation.

Turn the lock knob, located just above the telescopes' main focus knob, and the primary lock with progressive tension reduces the image caused by mirror movement during visual, photographic or imaging applications. ; It prevents it from slipping. Attention, do not focus manually while the mirror lock is engaged!

All LX200 ACF ™ models have DC-servo driven, double prong mounting.

The most powerful in its class. and the rotation speed of its most durable mount is between 1 and 8 degrees per second.

Fine pan and photographic guide speeds are adjustable from 0.01x to 1x star in one-percent increments, while user selectable in increments of 0.1 degrees per second.

The mount and electronics are internally powered by an 8 C-cell (user-supplied) battery that will power the telescope for approximately 20 hours.

There are also slow motion manual controls with mechanical locks on both axes.

GEOPTIK, Protective Case

Solid, tear-resistant material

Reflects sunlight and prevents the device from heating up

It consists of 3 layers to provide insulation

Protective case is waterproof/repellent

Dimensions: 120 x 160 cm

Meet Meade's 2-inch 4000 series eyepieces!

 Üç pieces 2 inchesç Meade 4000 Series Eyepiece - 26mm, 32mm and 40mm focal lengths.

2x Barlow Lens. (2 inches)

90 degree Diagonal Mirror. (2 inches)

Five Colored Lens Filters: Dark Yellow (#12), Red (#25A), Light Green (#56), Blue (#80A) and Moon Filter (ND96). (2 inches)

Aluminium, Hard Carrying Case.

Package content

MEADE, LX200-ACF 8" (20cm) Telescope

Meade's 2-inch 4000 series

GEOPTIK, Protective Case
Astrozap Solar Filter
Ac 12V Adapter