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Laken LKTS5K 18/8 Summit Khaki Stainless Steel Thermos Bottle 0.50 L - 1

Laken LKTS5K 18/8 Summit Khaki Stainless Steel Thermos Bottle 0.50 L

1.250 TL

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Product Details
You can access detailed product specifications by scrolling down the page

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In its own factory in Spain-Murcia, in European standards, since 1912, it has been producing only flasks and thermoses LAKEN, which produces and specializes in this field, has specially designed the new design SUMMIT thermal steel thermos bottles with lids, which can be used with one hand, by pressing a button, and with locking feature when necessary, for those in active life and athletes.

Two different sizes: 0.50Litre / 0.75Litre,  12 different color options With the LAKEN Summit Thermos bottle offered to you, you can meet your water needs anytime, anywhere, and at the same time, you will protect the environment and your health by putting an end to the use of disposable plastic bottles.


   Features   :

  • Completely one-piece, 18/8 stainless steel inner and outer body. < /li>
  • Thermal performance with Summit cover, keeps cold for up to 24 hours.
  • You can use it for citrus fruits, alcohol and acidic drinks.
  • Does not contain BPA, phthalates, lead or any other harmful substances.
  • It never allows change in Taste and Smell.
  • 18/8 stainless steel inner and outer body suitable for food contact.
  • Completely environmentally friendly with its recycling feature.
  • The outer surface does not allow sweating and heat conduction.
  • Ability to open/close the pacifier with a single touch and use it with one hand with the locking system when necessary.
  • Ability to use your thermos bottle either horizontally or vertically.
  • Hermetically closing, airtight lid and spout system.
  • We recommend that you do not use it with hot content over 50�C with the Summit cover.
  • Put your thermos bottle outside the Summit lid (24 hours cold / max 50�C hot),

Classic cover (8 hours hot / 24 hours cold) and Jannu cover (24 hours cold / max 50�C hot) It is possible to use it.

  • You can add ice particles to your thermos while using it.
  • Non-toxic, suitable for food grade, special powder coating on the outer surface of the thermos


     Size    :

  • 0,50L     �     Diameter 7.3cm    /    Height 22cm    /    Weight 328g
  • 0.75L     �     Diameter 7.3cm     /    Height 29cm    /    Weight 411g


   Cleaning And Maintenance    :

  • Thermos bottle and lid are not suitable for storage or freezing in the freezer...!!!
  • Thermos bottle and lid are not suitable for use in the microwave...!!!
  • Do not expose your thermos bottle directly to fire, do not boil it, do not sterilize it  and do not use it in chemical processes...!!!< /span>
  • The thermos bottle is suitable for washing in the dishwasher. However, for healthier and longer use, we recommend that you wash your thermos bottle by hand.

Continuous use of the dishwasher may cause damage to the exterior paint or decoration of the bottle. may cause deterioration. For the best protection of the materials, we recommend washing with soap diluted in warm water.

  • Before the first use and after each use, wash the steel thermos and its lid by soaping them inside and out with liquid detergent that will not allow scratching. We recommend rinsing well.
  • You should keep your washed thermos bottle with its lid open (without attaching it to the bottle) and empty inside when you are not using it, so that We recommend that you allow the inside of the bottle to air and dry thoroughly.
  • Cleaning the lid of your thermos bottle, cleaning to ensure that there is no food residue on the spout, preventing bacterial formation. It is very important to wash and rinse your thermos thoroughly after each use, considering that it is important for the

All LAKEN products are original and are under the warranty of the authorized distributor against production defects.